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Drop All Classes

Are you a UD student considering leaving IU Bloomington mid-semester?

If so, make an appointment with your UD advisor, come in for walk-in advising, or contact an advisor at Maxwell Hall 101 during normal business hours.

To Withdraw from All Subjects Enrolled (drop all classes) means you are choosing to withdraw from IU Bloomington for the current term.

-          Before or during the first week of the term you can drop all your classes online using the “Register and Drop/Add” link on OneStart Student Center.

-          After the first week of classes through finals week you will need to meet with your University Division academic advisor or come to the University Division Advising Office in Maxwell Hall 101 during normal business hours to process a Withdrawal From All Subjects.

Please note the following exceptions:

  • Withdrawal From All Subjects Procedures

    To Withdraw from All Subjects (drop all classes) after the first week of classes through finals week, you will need to meet with your University Division academic advisor or come to the University Division Advising Office in Maxwell Hall 101 during normal business hours.

    Note the following exceptions:

    • International students must go to the Office of International Services in Poplars 221.
    •  To drop all classes for military obligations, please go to the Office of Veteran Support Services.
    • Non-UD Students must go to the Student Advocates Office.
    • If a student is not in Bloomington or physically incapacitated, such as in the case of a health issue, you may complete a Withdrawal From all Subjects via Fax or Email. To find out more go to Procedure if Incapacitated or not in Bloomington 

    If the exceptions do not apply to you, you will complete the following with your advisor:

    1. Office of the Registrar’s “Withdrawal From All Subjects Enrolled form” (paper form available from UD advisor)
    2. University Division’s Withdrawal From All Subjects Form (accessible only to UD staff)

    Other Important Information


    • If you withdraw from all subjects after the Friday of the first week of classes, but before the Auto-W Deadlines of a term, notations of “W” (withdrawn) for each class will be automatically recorded on your Indiana University transcript.
    • If you withdraw from all subjects after any of the Auto-W Deadlines of a term, each instructor will decide whether to assign a “W” (withdrawn) or a grade of “F” to your Indiana University transcript. It is in your best interest, after an Auto-W Deadline, to talk with each instructor before you drop all classes to ask if they will give you the W. Some instructors may request documentation of “extended illness or equivalent distress” before they will allow a W. It is worth contacting your instructors again just before final exam week, before professors report final grades, to remind them of their agreement with you to assign a W.

    Completed Course Work

    If you have already received a grade for a class (such as a first eight week class) and you complete a Withdraw From All Subjects, that grade will be changed to a W (unless you received an F).


    Generally, Residential Programs and Services (RPS) expects students to remain enrolled in a minimum of 3 credit hours to be eligible for on-campus housing and to move out within 24 to 48 hours of completing a drop all classes. If you live in a residence hall or in apartment housing, contact your Residence Manager to learn about your housing options. Contact the RPS Assignments Office or Apartment Assignment Office to cancel housing and meal contracts.

    Financial Aid

    If you receive any type of financial aid (loans, grants, work study, scholarships, etc.), you should contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance to learn about ending aid, delaying aid, transferring aid, repaying aid, or future eligibility for aid.


    Read your Account Summary in your Student Center in Onestart to be sure your bills are paid. Contact the Office of the Bursar if you have any questions.


    If you withdraw from all subjects within a refund period, you may expect your refund to be credited to your account or mailed to your permanent address within four to six weeks. For questions, contact the Office of the Bursar. If you wish to petition for a post-deadline refund, you may complete and submit the Fee Policy Appeal Form. There is no fee to withdraw from all subjects.

    Computer Accounts

    If you do not enroll for more than one term, all your accounts will be disabled sometime in the next term. Contact University Information Technology Services (UITS) for details. You may reactivate your accounts after you enroll again in a future term.

    Future Enrollment

    You do not give up your admission to Indiana University Bloomington or your eligibility to enroll in any future terms. You may need to reactivate your record to be assigned an Enrollment Appointment for the next term you plan to take classes.

    • If you plan to enroll for next term, you can plan to register for classes as usual. An enrollment appointment will be posted at about mid-semester in your Student Center in OneStart.
    • If you take more than the current term off, your records will go to an inactive status and no future enrollment appointment will be set for you. When you choose to return, complete the Returning Students Form to reactivate your record. Contact University Division Records if you have any questions.

    Academic Advising

    Please feel free to remain in contact with your assigned University Division (or University Division-Affiliated) academic advisor. You may also contact UD Academic Advising at or (812) 855-6768.


    Some holds can restrict services or prevent you from enrolling for classes. Check your Student Center in OneStart, in the box at the right of the screen, labeled “Holds.” Click on the details of each hold to learn which office placed the hold, and how to contact that office to have the hold removed from your record. It will be easier to take care of these now.

  • Procedure if Incapacitated or not in Bloomington

    Faxing or emailing a Withdrawal From All Subjects Form is only an option if a student is not in Bloomington or is physically incapacitated.

    If you have questions about submitting a withdrawal by fax or email, call (812)855-6768 to talk to an advisor.  Please note the following exceptions:

    To submit an electronic Withdrawal From All Subjects, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Print and fill out the “Electronic Withdraw from All Subjects” Form
    2. To submit the form by email: scan the form after signing it, attach it to an email, and send to

    To FAX the form: Send to (812)855-7623 Attention: Jelita Wilcoxen (Withdrawal From All Subjects)

    1. Check your email within a few days of submitting your form. An Exit survey will be sent to you and we would appreciate your responses.